Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50
Snoop Pop 50

Snoop Pop 50

Length Weight Depth Hook Size Type
50mm 4.5g Surface #10 Floating

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This light tackle surface popper will ring
the dinner bell for plenty of top water favourites such as yellowfin bream,
black bream, whiting, Australian bass, jungle perch, estuary perch and sooty
grunter to name a few. A fish attracting popping style action that can be as
subtle or aggressive as you want makes this the most versatile ultra-light
surface lure for fishing areas such as sand flats, timber snags, rock bars,
weed beds, lily pads and oyster leases.

The Snoop Pop 50 is 4.5 grams in weight and
50mm long making it an ideal ultra light tackle finesse surface lure. It comes
in a range of custom Fishcraft paint finishes that will cover all possible
conditions in both salt and freshwater. 
Those classic colours include Running Prawn, Spotted Prawn, Pearl
Shrimp, Spotted Herring, Clear Tiger, White Widow, Pink Sherbet and Ghost

The Fishcraft Snoop Pop 50 also features a
hi-impact ABS construction, fish attracting rattle, size 10 chemically
sharpened hooks and stainless steel split rings.  Each Fishcraft lure is tuned to swim straight
out of the box.

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