Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120
Dr Deep 120

Dr Deep 120

Length Weight Depth Hook Size Type
120mm 36g 7.5m #1 Floating

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This is a classic bibbed hard body lure
that is made for big fish. Perfect for casting at jewfish and also XOS tailor
from the rocks & break walls or trolling inshore waters for mackerel, GT’s,
big snapper and plenty of other pelagic and reef species. It’s also a
sensational estuary trolling lure for XOS dusky flathead and jewfish. While in
the freshwater it can be trolled or cast for Murray cod. This versatile
floating hard body lure can be cast & retrieved or trolled with an
impressive 7.5 metre depth range and fish attracting action.

The Dr Deep 120 is 36 grams in weight and
120 mm long making it a perfect lure pattern for fishing chasing big saltwater
fish on inshore reefs, rocky headlands, break walls and saltwater estuaries. It
comes in a range of custom Fishcraft paint finishes that will cover all
conceivable conditions in both salt and freshwater.  Those classic colours include White Red Head,
Black & Gold, Silver Shad, Fusi, Pilchard, Pink Purple Head, Wahoo and

The Fishcraft Dr Deep 120 also features a
hi-impact ABS construction, fish attracting rattle, size 1 chemically sharpened
hooks and stainless-steel split rings. 
Each Fishcraft lure is tuned to swim straight out of the box.

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